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At Promosource we have an extensive range of promotional products available to help your business stand out. We are also a member of the Australasian Promotional Pruducts Association. 

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Welcome to Promosource Promotional Products


At Promosource we are sure to have the promotional marketing material you are looking for. We have literally thousands of products and a vast range of design options to help you promote your business, whether it be branded T shirts for your staff to wear, to promotional key rings to hand out at trade shows, we know we have got you covered! Every business is different, we know that, and getting the right product for your business is key, so ask the experts.US! We will strive to find the right one for you, and service you in a professional and timely manner.


Our goal is to generate long term relationships with our clients, so that they will be back time and time again! To make sure this happens we need to first understand what it is you are looking for, offer our professional advice, and of course provided you with an end product, of exceptional quality at an unbeatable price! We have a price promise guarantee to ensure you get the best of the best for the right cost, if don’t believe us give us a go! Either drop us a line or send us and email today! Make us your one stop shop, for all your promotional items wherever you are in Australia, let us help you, create maximum impact for your next marketing campaign!


 Our website is designed with easy to use in mind, which is also sure to give you new ideas as you go through the online booking system. If however you can’t find what you are looking for, or would like something quite unique and special, then drop us a line or send us an email and our staff will be more than happy to help you!


*** Promotional products are statistically proven to be an incredibly effective marketing tool to increase your brand awareness and ultimately sales***


Additional Information: What is Promotional Merchandise?



Marketing and Advertising

There is often a misconception that advertising and marketing is the same thing, however they are not, marketing is the whole, and advertising is a spoke of the larger wheel, Adopting the right strategy and approach will be different for every business, but the result is the same, generating more awareness, more authority, and ultimately more sales. Promotional desk calendars are a good example of ensuring the advert lasts, as it has at least a year’s shelf life, it is likely to be more appropriate to an existing client in order to make sure you stay at the fore front of their mind, where as a promotional pen may not be as permanent, it is likely to travel about a bit, as people will pick them up and redistribute them for you on you behalf, creating more chance of being seen by new prospects.


Sending out gifts when all channels have run dry or have been overworked, is just another way to go about your daily prospecting and marketing tactics. You have a prime opportunity to call that person and follow-up, after you send a unique corporate marketing gift to that customer.


Establishing name in the market is no doubt the biggest challenge facing any new business. With such a wide development of the market, be sure that you are not going to be alone on the ground, no matter how unique your business idea is. You may have to compete with other established brands and competition can be fierce. So you need a professional company to help you in getting the task done correctly, and that’s where Promo Source comes in, we have years of experience and a competitive pricing strategy.   Give us a call to get the ball rolling. It makes no difference if you are in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane or Melbourne we can service any client in Australia!!


The one thing you can be sure of is that the most immediate in starting a new company is to establish a brand name in the market. Keeping in mind every aspect of your new business, promotional products can be your step towards creating a buzz of your company’s name in the market. Normally if you place a large order for promotional items the first key consideration is “budget”. A rough idea about the involved budget will give you an insight of which product is appropriate and its quantity. As well as the cost price of promo products other involved costs like taxes, delivery or shipping charges etc. should be considered. Wholesale promotional items can provide you with best prices, and trouble free delivery within a domain of some cheap yet good quality products, the larger the quantities ordered, the more advantageous the price discount.


A corporate promotional item relies heavily on target customers. Consequently, the provided merchandise should be tailored to the day-to-day needs of potential customers; for example. If targeted customers are students then pen or t-shirt can be a good option while in case of professional customers, a pen drive can be an unbeatable option. Target audience factor will give you an idea about the quantity of custom promotional products.


The next big consideration point is the distribution of company’s promotional product.

How and where these products are first distributed? Two points should be considered first, distribution should reach to maximum capacity, which can benefit the company. Second, distribution should give extra information about the company for those receiving. Conducting a seminar and concluding it by giving these free products can be a good option. Door-to-door distribution can be more effective but it may consume a lot of time.


In a nutshell, setting up a company comes with many challenges including those related with setting up brand name in market. These products can be of great help here.                     


Marketing or not marketing can mean the difference between failure and success! So give us a call today to kick start your campaign.