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Promotional coasters 

If your firm produces goods for the leisure industry then there are few better ways of advertising its presence than by using promo items that can be distributed in bars and clubs where people go to have a good time. This type of marketing is by no means new but it has produced consistent results over the years for companies of all sizes. Even if your organisation is not directly linked to the leisure or hospitality industry, this type of promotion can still be extremely effective as it targets people that are often already in a receptive mood. We stock a range of themed products that are ideal for use in pubs, clubs and bars as well as any other area where drinks are served and people are enjoying themselves. Branded coolers for drinks and good quality promotional stubby holders for bottles of beer are good examples that work well.


Good times


People often associate products and companies with the places they most often see them advertised and the mood they are in when they first see them. This is one of the reasons that so many of our customers are keen to try items from this range to promote their goods and services to a wider audience. We have made every effort to ensure that all the personalised items in this category are of the same quality as the rest of our products and most of them can be printed with messages and images in a variety of colours. If you would like to see your company logo in a position where it will be noticed by hundreds of people every day then these items may be just what you have been looking for. Laptop cases and sleeves, pencil cases, a Frisbee or a promotional neoprene sunglasses strap are all possibilities.