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Promotional Games

We do not take a light-hearted approach to your advertising needs. However, our branded, promo-gifts, printed with your customised corporate logo, can sometimes be used to get a serious marketing message across to your customers in a fun and accessible way. We recognise that there is a time and a place when fun promotional products such as glow sticks, anti stress toys for the office, and even yo yos can provide effective, personalised, promotions. Our customised and themed products are ideal as consumer friendly gifts to hand out during conferences, as well as during company events. The affordability of these branded toys allows you to deliver them to a wide-ranging, target market in situations where you want to have a high output of products brandishing your company logo. This offers you flexibility as a business to play the numbers game; making a visual impact with a larger number of freebies.


Entertaining Marketing

Our fun, themed collection includes creative products such as puzzles, silicon wristbands, and even tattoos. Regardless of your product, whether aimed at a young target market or adult consumers, the appeal is in entertaining and effective ways of marketing and advertising your printed company logo. Our personalised promotional toys can catch the attention of customers more quickly. We understand the importance of this customised approach, especially when you are focusing on attracting passing trade at exhibitions or are interacting with the general consumer market at a product launch. Part of your marketing plan might be to provide branded products not exclusively to a strict target market of customers and potential clients. With these interesting and alternative marketing products you can give substance as well as style to your company image and logo by widening your target market. General consumers, accepting your corporate gifts, will advertise your company image for you. 

Do you need promotional Toys, Games or a bit of Fun for you next Conference, Event or promotion? Well look no further we have a great range of Tattoos, Games, Glow Sticks, Silicon Wristbands, Anti Stress Items and Supporter Items to name just a few, and everything can be decorated with your logo or message.