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printed towels

Woven embroidered towels 

These products are a great way to increase public awareness of your company as they offer a blank canvas that can be customised in a variety of different ways. Furthermore, because they are used in so many places, they are likely to be seen by a large number of people, which is the primary aim with most promo items. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive solution with a printed logo on a coloured background or something more upmarket, such as a towel with your company name embroidered into the fabric, we can help. Golfers, surfers and sports enthusiasts will all appreciate receiving one of these products as a gift, making them a good choice for companies that manufacture goods for the leisure and sports market. Whether made from natural fibre or synthetic materials, promotional towels are one of the most effective ways to reach a large number of consumers.


The personal touch

Although they are a little more expensive, items that have messages woven into the fabric offer companies the chance to present their customers with a personalised gift they are sure to remember for some time to come. Cost is always an important factor when planning an advertising campaign but the goodwill that comes from using higher quality merchandise as corporate giveaways can more than repay the initial investment over the years. Branded goods are often poorly made so when your customers receive something that is obviously more expensive, they are likely to think of your firm as one that provides superior products, which is an image that many organisations are keen to cultivate. A cheaper alternative, using products that are still well made, are the screen printed towels that we stock and can decorate with designs that will attract attention, whether on the beach or at the local health club.

Promotional Towels are fully customised to your business, either embroider or screen print one of our standard towels or for something a bit different why not look at the Woven Towels or Fiber Printed Towels which allow us to fully customise the towel for you, even being able to put individual names on each towel! Promotional Towels come in various size options including Beach Towels, Golf Towels, Sports Towels, Travel Towels and Bath Towels.

printed towels