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golf products

Promotional Golf Products

We know that a lot of important business is conducted outside of the boardroom. Marketing programs might include corporate events, such as inviting customers golfing or possibly organising a sponsored golfing day. Our range of branded, personalised products is ideal for occasions when you want to mix business with pleasure. With your company logo printed on each promo-product you can tee off with good, visual advertising. From our golf balls to customised bags and sticks, our themed collection is a way of supporting your marketing strategy of arranging these events and customer-driven days. Anyone taking part in your promotional golfing event will undoubtedly have an interest in the sport and your valued customers and potential new clients will appreciate these sporting accessories which are full of creative advertising potential. Our range can be enjoyed by your customers in the future, making the impact or your printed logo hit home harder.


Memorable Branded Prizes

Our branded golfing accessories are ideal to be presented as quality, customised prizes in corporate golfing tournaments or during a charity fundraiser sponsored by your company. We bring you the latest advanced technology promotional golf items such as Callaway clubs and accessories. Your quality customers will recognise this quality brand and associate this with your business. We take pride in offering you our themed range which is of a high standard and which make ideal gifts and promo-prizes at your event. Advertising using your printed company logo on golfing accessories during fundraisers is smart marketing. Attaching your printed logo to a good cause leaves a good impression in your target market’s minds and shows your sense of responsible business and community action. Whether a corporate event or a charity fundraiser, you can use our branded golfing accessories effectively as a useful and desirable prize or gift at a memorable event. 

Need Promotional Golf Apparel, Balls, Bags, Sticks and accessories, you have come to the right place! We specialize in all Promotional Golf related items and will proudly assist you organize your next Corporate Event or Fundraiser. These events are your opportunity to shine, so whether you require giveaways, prizes, or fitting out your corporate team, we will help you all the way.

golf products